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Advanced Searches

  • Keyword search

    Each record in the library catalog contains specific information about a work, such as the title, author, and subject. You can search these record fields for keywords. A keyword search in any field looks in all the search fields of the library catalog to find your keyword text.

  • Browse search

    When you browse the library catalog, you can type just the first few letters or numbers of your search term—an author’s name, a subject, a series name, a title, or a call number. The results list shows the portion of the catalog index that begins with the text you have typed.

  • Exact search

    An exact search looks for your exact text, from beginning to end, whether your search text is multiple words or just one word.

  • Advanced search

    With advanced searching, you can do a complex, focused keyword search, combining several search terms and selecting a search field for each one.

  • Boolean search

    With a Boolean search, you can do complex, precise searches by typing CQL (Common Query Language) search commands.