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New Sound Recordings
Mood valiant [sound recording]
The golden casket [sound recording]
Welcome to the madhouse [sound recording]
Autumn [sound recording] : piano solos
Jubilee [sound recording]
Ruthless [sound recording]
Your choice [sound recording]
Ancient dreams in a modern land [sound recording]
The personal librarian [sound recording]
Eve Ronin. 02 [sound recording] : Bone canyon
Into the unknown [sound recording]
Sob rock [sound recording]
Bayti fi rasi [sound recording]
Detour de force [sound recording]
Confesion [sound recording]
Malibu rising [sound recording]
Our woman in Moscow [sound recording]
The other black girl [sound recording] : a novel
Yourself or someone like you [sound recording]
Better mistakes [sound recording]
Mammoth WVH. [sound recording]
A touch of jazz [sound recording]
Outside child [sound recording]
Always like new [sound recording]
Milk & honey [sound recording]
Up and rolling [sound recording]
Cinema [sound recording]
Return of the vampire [sound recording]